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I’d gone upstairs to check on the cats, when I spotted these cuties. One of the familiars on Flight Rising is Ferberus, and while this pile only has two heads, I love how they blend together. So cute.

It’s been another fairly good day. Felt human enough to help out in the kitchen, which is rare. Still, as said, it’s the whole sloooowly beating a dumb OCD thing, which is good. Past that, got some work done, avoided the sun, made good kiwi progress.

Oh, and Smaller… child! *laughs* She’d arranged a playdate next door, and spent the first couple of hours coming back and forth at the perfect pace to stop me from getting stuck into work. Really, it’s only a matter of time until we put in a garden gate between our back gardens. It’s not like they cost a lot, and the exposed fence panel needs replacing anyways. We’ll have to talk about it four ways and see what the best plan of action is.

For now, gonna go digest and stab cloth. 😀


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