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I managed to get up and moving early, get my hair washed… feeling kind of human, in spite of having overdone it a bit yesterday. But eh, the early rising makes me feel confident that I can drag myself to my appointment Monday morning even at the stupid early hour, so hopefully that’s productive. I’m sure to comment on that once I know more.

Also early in the morning — MRI! Yup, got my appointment letter through this morning, and it’s pre-nine AM… on the 31st of August. I am so effin’ chuffed that it’s so soon. I’m not looking forward to being encased in a tube, but hopefully I can like, fall asleep, or just keep my eyes closed. Like yeah, I’m claustrophobic, but also, I’m really twitchy (in part due to medicine side effects). The noise factor will probably not be an issue. I’m hoping that Science™® will help keep me going for however long it takes. I do love Science™®.


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