Sweetened Dreams

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I had an impromptu concept to make a thing today, and I did. It’s a cushion with a few gemstones tucked in that are reputed to aid good sleep; Smaller has always been a bit of a problem sleeper, so I found out what her bestie has in her bed (amethyst), and let Smaller pick the one she liked the best. She also added a quartz, which seems to also be a good pick for this sort of thing. I don’t know; I’ve never had a strong opinion one way or another on the healing properties of crystals and gemstones. But it was fun to make, and I finished in perfect time to get tucked into bed with childling.

Z had to go over to Mum’s house earlier to go through some probate/estate stuff, so I tagged along. I’ve not been able to get around to Mum’s house at our usual timeslot for a few weeks, and she’s not been feeling great, so I figured that being present was a good present. And yes, she did appreciate it, and I made sure to remind her how much I love her and how dear she is to me.

Right, got stuff to make, non-alcoholic cider to drink, all the partying.


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