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Z and I were chatting around lunchtime while he was reconciling the monthly family spending money spreadsheet. He’d commented we had X amount in Tesco vouchers, and I’m like… yo, let’s go. We have some birthday shopping to do, we can reward ourselves with some Subway, and off we went. It was my first time specifically going out to do a bit of shopping since Covid started, and I guess I was okay with it? Felt a bit of stress balling in the pit of my stomach on the way home, but that could’ve been from other factors. Who knows, bodies are hilariously bad at functioning.

I’ve been working on some pendants, specifically with the biggest and heaviest of stones. I am thinking that my next order of pretties is going to be the slightly smaller ones again; I forgot to take into account how heavy they were when I was trying to give myself something bigger to work with. I’ve managed some neat things though! I so far am tucking them all into a box to send to Stray Cat Rescue for their next fundraising stall, though we’ll see what goes where in the end.

Got an order to pack up, so gonna go do that before hopefully getting some quality zoning out time.


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