Waiting for Rain

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It’s supposed to rain this evening, with a chance of thunderstorms. Yes please? The humidity has been gross all day, and I would looooove for it to get yanked down a few notches before I try sleeping.

Speaking of gross, Z and I sat down and discussed our summer plans. We agree that we’re not up to going to the Isle of Wight this year, which means we can roll the money we’ve been accumulating into getting actual a/c installed in the house. We’ve had our first quote, and Z is making sure to seek out at least one more for comparison. And that doesn’t mean that we can’t take a short break somewhere as a family; even if it’s just holing up in a hotel for a few days and doing little to nothing would be a change of pace. We’ll see what we feel up to when summer is here, rather than trying to guess at the state of our collective health in a few month’s time.

Anyhoos, gonna wander back off to gaming and stitching. I’m feeling excited about potentially redoing past product photography, but yanno, let’s pace myself, etc. Best to kick back with something about relaxing for the mo.


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