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I got the hankering to make stitch markers today, so I did. They’re jumbo beauties for 20mm needles. They’re a teeny bit fragile ’cause the big loop wire is on the softer side, but they should be fine with normal use. I’ll have to remember to add an addendum about that when I put the listings up.

Oooh, and just had a happy! There’s a site that my friend Jane recommended for dice seconds, but they’ve not had them listed on the site in ages. So I figured… in for a penny, and dropped a message. Turns out the listing had fallen off during page reorg, but it was still an option. So yeah, I bought two lots of seconds, because I love them and I get through them.

Right, need to go be an adult and fill my old lady pill caddy… then make one more set of stitch markers, because why not. Party? Yisss.


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