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It’s another one of those days where it’s nicer outside than inside… yay over-insulated British homes. ¬¬ And yes, actually went outside for a postbox run. Illness has finally caught up with Z, so I was trying to spare him a few steps. I also made dinner for our three children… yeah, three. J is over visiting Smalls, and decided that basic spaghetti and sauce was better than fish and chips. *laughs* I apparently read his mind by making some garlic toast to go with it, so win? Nah, I’m glad I managed to pull around to feeling decent enough to help carry the weight. Hopefully it won’t knock me down a few pegs, but what will be will be. I’m just glad that Z can rest.

I’ve also managed to be fairly productive. Got all the invoices that had been building up labelled and processed. Restocked the things that I’d sold in my Etsy shop lately… but not in Etsy. I think I’m just going to let listings fall off until they’re all gone. I’m sure that I’ll maintain some listings, but hopefully I can slooowly get people to move. Heh. I mean, I’ll probably need Etsy to some degree for ages to come, but hopefully… hopefully.

*drums fingers* Right. Stuff, things.


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