Hoop Dreams

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The spring hoop I ordered came in, and it looks like it might be big enough to do the flags on. Since I’d already done part of it, it was easy enough to transfer to the hoop as-is. I hope that it can be the right one going forward; I had forgotten how much I liked its ability to be like, gooood, even tension.

Past that, not a lot. Got to the end of Dysmantle, and decided to go poke around in Minecraft a bit. I think that they’ve tweaked the cave generation system since I last poked in, since I am finding exploring to not be quite as stressful as the wide out ones I encountered after the Cliffs & Caves update first went live. We’ll see. For now, I’ve done the above ground farm prep, so I need to suck it up and go find some metals and diamonds and shizz.


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