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Bi Bi Bi

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Why yes, it IS a terrible joke/play on words. Why yes, I AM high-fiving myself for it. *giggles* That aside, not much to report today. Basically been sitting in a puddle of my own sweat; we’re going to get the downstairs unit out of the cupboard and set up tomorrow. I should also probably think about throwing myself in a… Read more »


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I had ordered some little baskets yesterday to help the kiddos organise their desk space. Of course, that meant that I had to see how I could apply it to mine. I managed to keep my pen cups, but they’re in the confines of a basket, *and* better organised within their cuppy holds. I also, in the whole productivity thing,… Read more »


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The weather has been so. much. better. today. Like, rain and clouds, and a lovely cool breeze. It’s supposed to warm back up a bit tomorrow and for the next week, but hopefully it won’t be too bad. My ear is still being stupid. I think it might be glue ear? The NHS page said that can literally take months… Read more »


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I’m starting to think that my core temperature nudged up a bit higher, ’cause I’m having to go as far as exposing my legs to try and keep cool. I stopped doing that when I was 14 ’cause shaving + heat = super painful rash. Since I epilate these days rather than shaving, there’s less of that drama. But still…. Read more »

Grind Grind Grind

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Today’s crafty handiwork is, in total, drilling lots of holes. And by that, I mean I’ve done a fifth of what needs to be done. Hopefully I get more done tonight, but if not? Eh. It’s been brutally hot all day, and yeah. Rolled up my clothing to as small as possible, tried to focus on work… thought it was… Read more »


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The one downside of doing the pride flags with dice is that sometimes, it’s hard to match colours. The main flag I’ve missed out on so far has been lesbian anything. I *think* I’ve got the colours to make it work now, but we’ll see. As I said to my Discord friends, I worry about things being accurate enough. I’m… Read more »