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We’re over en masse hanging out at Nanny’s house. When we were talking on Friday, she decided she wanted to offer to do dinner for Father’s Day, and Z was more than happy to accept. The kids are off in the other room with their tablets, and Z and I are chilling and doing our low-key thing. I’m poking at┬áCivilization… Read more »

Carpe Crapum

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When chatting with Mum yesterday, we covered cleaning and organisation and how it is handled/effects our lives. I won’t get into the nitty gritty, but I will say that it reminded me to rub spoons together and try to sort out the floor of my half of the lounge. Since the a/c went up, a few things had gotten out… Read more »


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Nothing like annoying Batman when he’s in my vicinity. He does a most excellent blend of being annoyed/put upon, and mugging for the sake of his vanity. Such a good void, I love him well. The rain finally came today! It’s actually been chilly enough with the humidity for me to want to cover arms and legs, which is my… Read more »

Showers Bring

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May was rather wet here, so combined with the warm, pretty much everything is growing out of control. But that means more pretty flowers to look at when I’m walking around the village, so I’m not complaining. Well, not about that. I WILL complain about the lack of rain. It was supposed to start last night and keep going, but… Read more »

Higher Love

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Batman was hovering and being whiny, so I picked him up to annoy him. Then I got my phone out to annoy him more, and actually managed to take a picture where he looks like he’s super happy. Naw folx, he was just… Mom, stop, pleaase. *laughs* Main thing today is that my new desktop came in. I pulled names… Read more »

Gone Climbing

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Smaller gave me the idea to try making a treehouse of sorts. I figure I’ll refine concepts, but I am happy with this as a first attempt. I think the next one will be more centred, or made with four trees, or something. I find creative mode dead boring, but creating as I explore? That’s not too bad. Going to… Read more »

Slowly Back

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So yeah, done a pretty solid job of zoning out this weekend and not doing too much of importance. I’ve made a smidge of progress on my sock, insomuch that I got the heel flap and turn done. So that’s good progress if any progress. It’s the tricky bit done. Well, doing the gusset decreases, but that shouldn’t be any… Read more »


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After I got back home from hanging out with Mum yesterday, I was confused as to why I was feeling so exhausted. I mean, my normal state is pretty devoid of energy, but this was just shy of being physically painful. And then I realised… yesterday afternoon was the first time I’d relaxed all week really. I’d been work-working, and… Read more »


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So. First, we bought Smaller’s birthday computer (present from Nanny). Then we bought Smalls’, even though their birthday is months away. And today? Today, we bought mine. *dabs* You see, I had a feeling that the price of graphics cards was going to nudge back down this month after GeForce’s announcement last month, and I was right. Whether the two… Read more »