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So. First, we bought Smaller’s birthday computer (present from Nanny). Then we bought Smalls’, even though their birthday is months away. And today? Today, we bought mine. *dabs*

You see, I had a feeling that the price of graphics cards was going to nudge back down this month after GeForce’s announcement last month, and I was right. Whether the two are related, I don’t know, but I just had a feeling. The extra money between what the card I wanted cost during the surge, and what it cost today, meant that I could feel better about some of the tweaking and tuning extras that I wanted. Add in that Palicomp has treated us amazing through all three computers, and I’ll have my new machine in a few days with a couple of extra tweaks. I won’t get the 11th gen i7 I want; they don’t have it on stock. But they’re giving me the stepped up version of the comparable 10th gen. So that’s nice. I’ve already harvested my files from my existing desktop, and yeah. I’m looking forward to getting the party started. *grins*

Past that, just keeping my head down and being grateful that we have some degree of air conditioning. The downstairs unit is right behind me, so I get most of the benefit. The cool is good, but the removing of humidity is the real winner. Well. I’ll need both over the next week, as it’s supposed to go from bad to worse.

What else… oh. Childling, oh so grown. Smalls asked if they could go over to their bestie’s house, and then later asked if they could stay for dinner. They didn’t expect us to say yes, but why wouldn’t we? I just like that we live in a village and that they can go around with their friends freely. Maybe they didn’t get to start it as young as my generation reputedly did, but they do take advantage of it and it makes us happy to see them be independent. I can’t understand why any parent would want otherwise for their children, yanno? I love seeing my kids grow into their own people. I love to see them confident, and not dependent on us. If we do it right, they’ll always want to ask our thoughts and take our words on board, but we’ll see. Parenting is a learning experience all in itself.

Right. Gonna go eat more hot dogs, like an adult. Two in one bun? Awww yiss. *laughs*


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