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We’re over en masse hanging out at Nanny’s house. When we were talking on Friday, she decided she wanted to offer to do dinner for Father’s Day, and Z was more than happy to accept. The kids are off in the other room with their tablets, and Z and I are chilling and doing our low-key thing. I’m poking at Civilization VI, as I have been a lot lately, and idly making hearts for my shop freebies. I have a pretty decent stock of prepared ones, but they’re fairly quick to make and don’t require me to think about stuff.

And thinking about stuff caused me to almost do myself a damage earlier. You know how it is, you manage a clearing task, and you get pumped up about doing more. I woke up thinking that, perhaps, this would be the day I finally reorganised/reshelved my books. But my body managed to tell me naw. Bad idea. I’m sure I’m going to feel it whenever I *do* do it, but the day after massive cleaning in my little bubble-space? Definitely, definitely not a good idea.

Anyways. Back to chilling.


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