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I am, slowly, chipping at some of the random pile in front of the corner bookshelf. It’s not super dire, but it’s still stuff that needs moving and processing before I start pulling out all the books. Yeah, didn’t end up doing it today — pain was high enough that I took some co-codamol for the first time in ages. And honestly, not sure it touched it that well. I emptied my shredder about half an hour after taking them, and my back decided to ragequit. Like… it wasn’t that heavy a lift? Or anything? So I don’t know. I guess I’m just having to keep taking it easy and hoping that a few spoons regenerate in the near future.

Past that, did some product photography. There’s been a couple sets of jumbo stitch markers hanging out on my desk, so now I just gotta… make words. I’ll figure it out tonight, or tomorrow, or whenever — but hopefully sooner rather than later. Sooner done, sooner over, yanno?


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