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I ended up making more progress on my area, to include way overdue vacuuming. My back was mad at me to start with, and continues to be mad at me, but oh well. At least I feel like I made some significant progress in getting things into bins, and out of my space. There’s still so much that needs doing across the entire house, but at least I’ve managed a start. I mean, it’s the same start I always make and can’t manage to get much past, but anyways. It’s still progress.

((And I’ve got some more kid stuff to put in the bin, but that’ll have to wait until they’re not around. They don’t miss it when it’s gone, but Smaller especially would notice if I was moving something. Bless the child, she does love making her art))

But eh, I like making my art too. But I’m leaving my hands to flutter and twitch because like, don’t want to get stuff out. I mean, I *do*, but I don’t ’cause having stuff tidied away as it is in its current state makes clearer what my next steps are.

For now, just gonna zone out and game.


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