Slowly Back

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So yeah, done a pretty solid job of zoning out this weekend and not doing too much of importance. I’ve made a smidge of progress on my sock, insomuch that I got the heel flap and turn done. So that’s good progress if any progress. It’s the tricky bit done. Well, doing the gusset decreases, but that shouldn’t be any real issue.

The weather is warm out there today. I’m glad that we have the a/c, because it’s kept it mainly tolerable inside. It’s a bit warmer right now, but that’s a combination of me being in my computer vortex, and the fact the sun hitting the front of the house in the evenings is very fierce. Like, right now, it’s 80F/27C out. At half seven. Yeah. British homes aren’t made to cope with that at all.

Anyways. So it goes.


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