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So, a little niggling thing that’s driven me to distraction with my Etsy stuff is that I had drawn a total blank on what sort of freebie to include for not stitch markers. With the moving into doing all the things in dice, I’d taken a friend’s suggestion and bought a mixed lot of factory offcasts to play with. I’ve always made extra stitch markers for those orders, so taking dice to make pretty keychains seems a good jewellery compliment. But then, the whole ‘here, free stuff!’ is like, nearly required to sell on Etsy, so.

I can break some good news — Z’s dad is home! That’s going to take some adjustment and tears and all of that, but he’s there, he’s settling in, and we’ll go around to visit tomorrow. My sister asked me earlier if that was going to be in violation of the current Tier 4 stuff (she’d seen the news about the new strain), and I pointed out that yeah, it’s very mildly cheeky, but — Z is over there most days helping them out, so we’ve had a two house support bubble thing going through all of this.  Whether or not we do a Christmas thing remains to be seen, but at least things are looking up.

Right, I’m off.


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