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Managed to drag my corpse through a bath first thing this morning, and per usual, nothing quite like clean hair to make a soul feel refreshed. Add in getting a chance to do my nails earlier, and aww yisss. Z had gone around to help his mother get her grocery delivery order prepped, so yanno, kids went, I had space, so music and nails. Bliss.

Then bonus — Z messaged me on Mum’s behalf, ’cause she wanted to see if I wanted to add anything to her The Body Shop order. So I looked… and gasp, t hey actually have ‘flavours’ that I like for the first time like, ever. I made a big list, winnowed it down to a sampling across most lotion-y categories, and treated myself as ordered. I made sure to do it properly and with little consideration to cost, and she was appeased that I had done so properly. *laughs* She told me to on her dime, so! Z made it better by finding a 20% off coupon, which is always satisfactory.

Right, gonna go get this darn sock done. I’m in the last couple rows now, so the end is properly in sight. 😀


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