Mortally Offended…

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…in that way that only a cat can be offended. He came over and yelled at me a bit, which means I probably should get up and check his water bowl. *checks* Yup. Poor thing probably thinks I’m a thicko with how slow I am to realise he wants me to do something, but he still loves my dumb butt all the same.

Today has been pretty chill on the whole. The weather has been cooler than I expected, though it’s randomly warming up now that the bedtime window is nearing. ¬¬ But still, all in all can’t complain. Just been kicking back with a double wallow in retro gaming, and making headway on my sock. I’m also window shopping at LoveCrafts, because while I don’t really need any more wool, there’s free shipping on today, so just seeing if anything particularly catches my eye. It’s weird y’all — I have disposable income I can spend on fun things, and suddenly I just don’t wanna. *laughs* A part of it is seeing how much I can save up before I feel the need to splash out, and well… the more I save up, the better phone I can consider when I actually decide what I want.

Anyways. Back to the yarn at hand.


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