A Touch of Goth

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This past week, I’ve been doing my nails a few days in advance of when I actually want to post, and then redoing them on the same day. This whole having something in the can in advance is making me feel a bit chiller about trying to get back into a regular painting routine. It also helps that my older basecoat hasn’t gummed up like my ridge filler has (expecting polish thinner in tomorrow), so I’m able to get that surfacing effort in place. And because it’s not been goop for the base, there hasn’t been bubbling, and the actual polish has been going on smoothly over it, like it’s supposed to. I posted about Elara today, and I’ve got Goth on and photographed for some day soon. Add that atop clean hair and a full belly, and I’m in good spirits.

Less good is algebra shivving me in the workplace, ha ha. I had an easy correct, and I messed it up baaad. D will hopefully sort it out for me because he has the patience of a saint, but I’m still embarrassed that my brain refuses to keep in mind simple balancing acts. I even made notes that should lead me through it, but ah well.

Right, gonna go… play games? Knit things? Zone out? Something something.


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