Pretty Little Things

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I don’t have any particular idea what these flowers are, other than ‘purple’ and ‘pretty’. I could probably find it fairly easily online if I wanted to… but I don’t. So. *laughs*

Today has been… meh. It feels later in the week than it is, so my head keeps getting thrown for a loop. I got almost nothing done work-wise, but at least I managed to herd the children through a daytime bath in time to go out with their father for a bit of clothing shopping. And, of course, the treat of McDinner, something Littler predicted out of thin air this morning. Usually it’s Smalls that does that, but I guess they both have The Power now.

So yeah, they’re doing that, and I’m enjoying a bit of peace and quiet. The girls really have been outstanding so far this week, and combine that with me setting out in my head at the start of the week that I probably wouldn’t get much done… it’s made for a nicer week all the way around. There’s been silliness and snuggles, and yeah. I might be feeling a bit stressed next week, but it’s not the end of the world either. No, that comes in January every year, ha ha.


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