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One of the people in the village has a Mini in British racing green — with these rear lights. How very… very… very British. Which is to say, it makes me smile every time I see it, and I hope that it’s there for a long time yet.

And yes, it means I left the house. I had an Etsy order in from a friend, so after spending my usual much too meticulous time packing it up just so, I took it down and picked up a sandwich for lunch. It was my usual, the chicken mayo… alas, it was not up to its normal excellent standard. But everything else was the vileness known as tuna and sweetcorn, so. Yeah, that combo is a normal thing here. I should ask my fellow USian immigrants what they think about it compared to what we grew up with in the States (being salty rather than ‘sweet’).

For now, I’m poking at beads a bit. I had some inspiration for earrings, and Smaller asked me to make her a bracelet (which came out really nice, and I’m quite chuffed about it). I probably need to like, wander the internet and see what sort of inspiration calls. I can mechanically make competent work, but I don’t have the inspo that some of my friends have. I also probably should yanno, buy more non-bead components to work with. Fun fun.

*wanders off*


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