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And it says that I still have at least 2 inches to go on the leg before I move on. I think that I will likely go longer than the recommended 6 inches, especially since I’m working with a 100g ball of wool, so. We’ll see. The pattern is familiar to my hands now, so it’s not particularly difficult to zone out and do. I keep fastidious track of what row I’m on so that I can make sure the second sock is the same number of rows and such, so. Party.

Work went pretty well today on the whole. Getting the extra make-up sleep yesterday, while not something I can normally pull out of my bag, continues to be useful in the wake of a bad night of sleep. Which is good, since I went to bed less about being tired (though so tired), and more about feeling so ill that being awake was a terrible idea.

Anyways. Dord, etc.


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