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I had a hankering to fiddle around and do some earrings last night, so I got out the odds and sods bin to prod around in. Of course, that meant that Smaller decided she needed a bracelet asap. Fair enough, I whipped one up that she was happy with. Then Smalls complained that I didn’t ask her if she wanted one, even though I explained that Smaller had one ’cause she asked. I did make Smalls one though, and she liked it. AND because it was Mufti today, both girls got to wear their bracelets to school and show them off to their friends. Yay? Yay.

And yes, I did get a few pairs of earrings made and listed. I don’t know if they’ll be snapped up, but as pieces go, I like them. And really, it was nice to stop and make something, and think about making things. It also inspired me to clean up my desk again because I couldn’t find something I was looking for, so triple yay.

For now, waiting for some Amazon same-day deliveries, hee hee. I’d ordered some toys for the cats, and some jewellery chain for me to mess around with. I don’t know if it’s going to end up necklaces or just dangly chains on earrings or keychains or whatever, but we’ll see.

Right, I’m off.


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