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The buttons I ordered for the little cardi came in today. And yeah, they’re huge in comparison to the garment that they’re going onto, but I wanted it that way. After all, they’re purely decorative; they’ll be sewn over snaps. I figured that going for a bigger button should make it easier to attach it to the cardi without getting in the way of the snap, so. We’ll see. There’s still work to do before I get to the point where I need to worry about this.

Beyond that, it’s been work (good!), and breathing (not good!). I don’t know what the math is up with the air, but I start wheezing any time I move. I’m not congested or anything — it’s just thick AF air. Even if the humidity is lower today, the temp is higher, so it’s apparently pushed from being cuttable with a knife to being not breathable. Rude? So rude. I really need to be folding and shifting laundry about, but yanno, breathing. Sort of important. I think I’ll go try to see if I can get -a- basket cleared though.


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