Bricking It

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Miracle of miracles, the girls detached themselves from their tech to play with Legos together. It didn’t last long, and I think the running squabble when they were putting them up lasted longer than the time they played with the Legos… but it was cute to see them doing it, whatever the case.

My focus has been shite today, which has readily translated to not getting a lot done. Well, some stuff got done, so like, not the end of the world. I did get close to the end of my rope by the time Z got home with dinner, but it’ll be fine. I didn’t get to the end of my rope, and dinner means the girls’ high spirits were quieted long enough for me to catch a breath. *chuckles* I don’t begrudge them that, especially since they’ve both been a smidge under the weather. I just wasn’t prepared for it atop that lack of focus thing. 🙂

Right, I flee.


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