Gray Sky Undawning

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Today has carried with being a bit cooler, a bit rainy, a bit overcast. I didn’t get another thunderstorm like last night (as titchy as that was). As long as the air continues to stay on the cool and fresh side of life, I am going to be a happy kittencorn.

Otherwise, it’s been a day. The girls were pretty good, though Smaller fell asleep on the kitchen table while having a glass of milk. Her sister reported that she woke up at like, 5:45am, so I wasn’t too surprised to find her as such. I think that both of them have been a bit under the weather the last couple of days anyways, so I wasn’t going to begrudge her a bit of extra rest. I do hope she sleeps longer tonight though, obviously.

What else, what else. Work happened. The kids are both happily eating green vegetables these days (never an issue with Smaller, but Smalls took time to come back around). Stuff, things, etc.


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