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Today has been a few degrees cooler, and it really feels like it. It’s nice to be able to layer up slightly, because I like the sensation of it. There’s supposed to be some rain overnight as well, so hopefully that will keep things pleasant.

The results of the EU elections came in shortly after I went to bed, and I have to say that I am mainly pleased with the result. The three UKIP MEPs are now Brexit party MEPs; obviously, I’m not happy about that part, but I can accept it was going to happen. We’re down to 1 Conservative MEP from three, no Labour (down from one), but two Lib Dems, and our first Green MEP as well. So that’s pretty cool. And honestly, I expect that the Brexit Party MEPs will do as Farage does, which is take Europe’s money, but not bother to be involved in the process. ¬¬ As much as that pisses me off, I’d almost prefer it over them actually being involved, so.

Beyond that, just gaming and knitting. 🙂


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