Goodbye, May

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Yeah, I did that to our calendar. I did it part-way through the month, so Z was assuaged to find out he’d only ‘missed’ it for a week rather than three. *laughs*

It’s been a busy month, by my reckoning. I saw family, I saw friends. Eurovision happened, which is always a real risk to my sleep health (but still worth it).

I also find myself reflective on some things. I’ve started randomly using my Russian to talk at the girls; they aren’t really interested in talking back, and I have to translate everything, but it’s still fun for me. I realised that I laugh a lot louder than I used to, which I take to mean that I feel less worried about taking up space. I stood my ground on the self-care I need to work-function, and the girls have managed to find some enjoyment at the music that I’m listening to (it’s good stuff, promise!). I’ve started spontaneous conversations with both of my sisters in the past week, which I don’t do nearly enough. I still have the ‘problem’ of ‘needing’ a reason to message someone that isn’t like, bat, R, or A — and even with them, I still normally need some reason to message for my brain to think it’s a thing to do.

So yeah, I’d call it a pretty good month.

For now, I am going to go digest dinner, celebrate getting every single block (bar a fiddly new one) fully caught up for the month, and get my knit on.


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