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Today is a Skryim day. I’m just pottering around my existing save to see what I can find that I haven’t previously mapped, and that’s been a nice gaming pace.

It’s also been a surprise, get to know the neighbours better day! Z had gone out to throw something in the bin, when he caught the male neighbour outside. It’s the Champions League final tonight, and our house supports Spurs, while neighbour B supports Liverpool. So yeah, we expect it to be slightly shouty night of sport-watching, hee hee.

B had also mentioned that they were expecting a kid soon, news which was news to us! So when I saw S push the window open, I wandered over to say hi and be nosy. I got invited in to hang out and chat for a bit, so that was cool. I got to see the house entire, and turns out that S is a hugger too. So that was pleasant and endorphin-producing. I reminded her that she is welcome to pop in whenever for knitting lessons, and that she can check out my nail polishes as well.

So yeah, outside of the fact this is the hottest and most miserable day of the year yet, it’s been a good one. I was worried that we’d not really build a connection with the new neighbours, so getting some facetime… good times.

*wanders off*


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