She Wasn’t Impressed

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Poison was curled up in a ball nestled into a pillow left on the couch. Since she was just on the edge of the blanket, I figured I’d annoy her by tucking her in. She gave me weird looks and meowed half-complaints for two minutes, and then removed herself from the silliness. Honestly, I was impressed she tolerated it for that long.

Work today was satisfying. It’s the part of the month where my tail is in sight again. Will I catch it, will I not, and holy crap it’s suddenly June. *chuckles*

For now, early dinner. The girls have their respective school discos tonight, which means getting them fed and out the door in timely fashions. Yes, separate discos, because of their age groupings. Z has to go stand around for Littler’s dance (as much of it as she decides to tolerate), while he can drop Smalls off and come home for a bit. That’ll be nice; we might actually get an episode of iZombie in. We’ve not really had a chance to watch any episodes this week with Eurovision and all, so.


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