Making Progress

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My efforts to double down and make an effort on this little cardi seem to be paying off. I don’t think that I’ll have it finished in time for R and C to take it home with them next weekend, but we’ll see. Having that as a potential goal certainly puts my feet to the fire.

Z is a fantastic cook, a fact that I don’t praise to the heavens enough. Tonight’s dinner was kebabs in pitas, and it was fantastic. He had the clever idea to toast the pitas, so the construction was a lot more solid. It’s little things like that, the small practical solutions to life, that make up a huge part of who he is, and what I admire about him. But then, the pair of us are more attracted to pragmatism than romance, so. 😀

Tonight is Eurovision, which is always a good time. Well, until it starts to get late and I start to feel whiny about the hour. If I’m honest, I don’t know how many more Eurovisions I have left in me, so I need to make them all count… the joys of ageing and needing more sleep again, amirite.

Right, wandering off now.


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