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My face looks tired; this is more or less what makes sense after being up so late last night. Eurovision was a good time, and I didn’t have any particular problems getting to sleep after. I’m definitely dragging today, but as I’m not in actual physical pain from exhaustion, I am calling it a victory. I’m glad that I’ve got tomorrow to rest as well though, hee hee.

But yeah, the day has just been me doing my best to zone out. I’ve got my Sims going, I’ve got a bit of knitting going, and a general praise Zod that headaches are low-grade at worst so far. I *did* fold some laundry because it’s been sitting in baskets for like, two weeks, and we needed the baskets to take dirty laundry downstairs. ¬¬ I don’t mind admitting that, because really, who is on top of laundry in this day and age. My mother-in-law maybe, but she’s the only one I can name offhand!

Right, gonna go find some caffeine, and slink back into my hole.


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