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There are times that I think that Smaller is more cat that person. And that’s okay! I like cats more than people most of the time, ha ha. One of those ways that stands out is the desire to hang out in a box. We’ve got any number of these large foam squares floating around, and yeah, I can’t blame her; the urge to make a box of it is foremost in my mind as well.

It’s been a do-nothing sort of day, and I have been doing that well. I’ve done a smidge of knitting, and have put Sims 3 aside for a taste of Sims 4. I realised I’d never poked at one of the active careers, so I figured I’d give that a bit of a play. It’s alright being a detective, except that I’ve yet to find my first arrest person. *laughs* The Carl’s guide says that the perp should be on the lot that I go to to look for him/her upon, but I’ve been on three different lots with no success, so.

Right, I’m off.


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