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Washing my hair is a chore… except it’s not. Except every time I go to bathe, my brain pre-whines that it’s too much of a task, so it doesn’t always get done. It’s totally worth it when it does though, because it’s soft and lovely and I keep touching it. I definitely have some yay and nay textures, and yeah… definitely a yay.

Today was moderately productive, so yanno, yay for that. It’s the second Eurovision semi-final tonight, so yay for that as well. I also figured out why I’ve been having a random spate of super-sleepy when taking my meds; I was given a strip of normal release rather than extended release on one of my meds, and didn’t think to look at it until this morning when the strip was almost gone.  Ah well, just means I take them a bit later than usual until the strip is gone, or release the last couple with the extended release. I’m grateful that having the wrong release hasn’t plunged me into depression, and deefinitely not looking forward to what is likely to be a rough sleep of getting to sleep. Hopefully not, though!

*wanders off*


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