Right Meow

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This picture amused me, hence picking it. It looked great as I was clicking, and then somehow ended up a blurfest. Meh, it’s still cute, even if blurry, and shows the main thing — I have a new cat ear headband. I’ve been meaning to pick up one for ages, so it feels pretty good to finally have one on my head.  I wouldn’t mind a unicorn one as well, but nothing has quite appealed in that arena yet. 🙂

Today has been glorious, more or less. I ended up doing a smidge of work-work, because I was feeling up to it after having a quiet, kid-free morning. I already feel loads more human for having the quiet, because well… yeah. I love my family, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m super introverted and need space. It also helps that school being back in session means that they’re in bed earlier, which works better for my getting to bed. Having said that, things went really well for me over half-term outside of the snoring hangovers, so.

Anyhoos. Off to digest and poke at My Time at Portia. It really is rather moreish and compelling.


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