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We have had some mega wind over the past 24+ hours. Like, there was snow not too far from here out of freaking nowhere, it was that wild. It was also really bad most of the morning, though it’s calmer right now. Unfortunately, it was morning that had me walking across the village to and from the surgery, ha ha. But it was fine! I had a moment of panic before I set out that it was a fasting blood test because I hadn’t confirmed that it wasn’t, but it wasn’t. It was blood count, so I could have all the sugar in my veins in the world, ha ha. The results for that will be back in long before I can see Dr. Rashid again, but oh well. She’s the one I’m pushing this stuff along with, so I can wait a few weeks (two and a half, oh teh noes! *laughs*)

It was a lot calmer when I went out this afternoon. I had a pressie to get into the post, so it was a relief to not get blown away. It’s still supposed to stay windy, but not like, 60mph gusts all up in it.

For now though, back to gaming and zoning out. Dord!


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