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My head is cold, and apparently my brain doesn’t accept hair as the appropriate covering for it today… thanks brain, you’re a pal. :p At least the blanket is toasty warm, though I guess I could go find a hat or turn the heat on. But yanno, that makes too much sense. >__>


Besides, I like my blanket, and I like not moving, so it’s a good solution within my sphere of reachability.

Today started with not being able to work. The internet in town had gone down, and the power across the street from the office as well. It wasn’t down for too too long, so that was good. Of course, I forgot all about that when I got to the end of the day and was wondering why I felt like I hadn’t gotten enough done, ha ha.

Other than that, Z and Smaller are on the way back from the optometrist. Smaller isn’t quite in need of glasses, but she definitely will down the road. I bet she’s probably a little bummed to not be joining the rest of us quite yet, but ah well. *chuckles* She is already a bit short-sighted, so she’ll have annual checks to see if and when she needs to be a part of the Glasses Brigade.

*wanders off*


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