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I was passing a card around the fam earlier to get all the signatures on it, so I decided to see if Poison wanted to add her mark. She didn’t. She just gave me a look, because yanno, cat, no apposable thumbs, etc. She’s pretty tolerant of my weirdness though, so. *chuckles*

I’ve been vaguely productive today, which is always worth celebrating. My side of the lounge has been an utter tip lately, as I’ve got boxes that books I’m getting rid of have been haphazardly stacked (in such a way that I couldn’t close them, etc). So that’s starting to take better form. I’ve shifted some rubbish away. It’s far from perfect, but I think that it is to a place that will enable me to get more done with it, sort of like room Jenga (or something).

Right, dinnertime. Z made up some chicken kebabs, which is win.


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