Paper Cheer

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As today was the girls’ first day off of school, I taught them how to do paper chains. I also incidentally finally got Smalls to get her head around how to use the tape dispenser, so that was a lovely bonus. *chuckles*

But yeah, I ended up spending most of my morning either dispensing tape, or teaching childings how to get the tape on their own. I knew that they would ignore the whole ‘Mommy still has to work thing’, and was super amused that Z had reminded them of that before I came down this morning… oh well. At least tomorrow is the last day of work before the holidays, so it’ll be productive or not, and I am going to do my best to not fret about it.

*yawns* Right, probably should see if I can get some progress on my gauge square before going out tonight. It’ll probably end up with me just gauging ’cause we’ll be partying it up, but we’ll see.


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