It’s a Miracle!

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Oh okay, that’s exaggerating. Slightly. But it’s pretty freaking awesome when one reaches into the centre of their skein of wool, and manages to get the inside end on the first go and on its own, rather than part of a clump. It certainly made winding it into a cake an easier task; now what remains is doing gauge squares until I get something that matches the sock pattern I’ve picked for this wool. Hopefully it won’t take as many attempts as the last pair did, but I’ll do it until I get it right. After all, I make these socks as gifts to myself, so all the more reason to get it purrfect.

My head keeps trying to insist that today is Friday — because it’s the girls’ last day of school for the year. They’re chuffed, obviously. Littler is already demanding to open presents because it’s the Christmas holiday (nice try, har har), and that I paint her nails. If she remembers tomorrow, I’ll hook her up while her father is at work so we don’t kill him with not being able to breathe.

Right, I should work on that gauge square, if I want to be able to work on sockage tomorrow night.


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