Little Santa

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Most of the time, doing little toys is a nice. This time, I did a dumb and tried to do it on my tiny circular. Toy shaping requires a lot of increases and decreases, and I did myself no favours trying to do it in limited space. I can’t seem to find any other 3mm needles, even though I’m sure I have some, so I ended up corking the end of some DPNs and going from there. Switching to doing it on straights… that’s been a looot nicer on the wrists. I might actually finish the daft thing for Christmas. Having said that, I ‘need’ to gauge for my next pair of socks, so. We’ll see. *gets pattern for that printed*

Tomorrow is the girls’ last day of school for the term. I am going to observe this by taking a long-ass bath, and cutting paper into strips. The former is me taking advantage of the time before the girls need me, while the latter is prep to teach them how to do paper chains. I might ask Z if he can bring the guillotine in from work so that I can make easier work of it. Whatever the case, I’m just kind of pleased that I had a craft idea come to mind, even if one that’s kind of yanno, a THIS IS A THING DO NOT MISS IT in bright lights. xD

Right, time to go eat.


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