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I got stuck into doing most of the present wrapping today. Yes, it’s totally a small pile, and Z and I kind of independently came to the conclusion that less is more. There are digital gifts that aren’t there in the pile, so they’re still getting a decent value of presents. Instead, it’ll be things that we know that they want, rather than things to clog up the house. We’ve all been working on trying to de-clutter the house, so. Obviously, we couldn’t go completely digital; kids absolutely deserve something tangible to get their mitts around. I can only hope that they are pleased with the balance.

In related news, the company did well enough that we’re going to be getting Christmas bonuses (if anyone was wondering where I suddenly had money for a new toy!). This new toy was buying a S***h for the fam (hyphened out in case of blog-reading childling). It’s not wrapped up yet ’cause things need to be done first, but it’s here. And, bonus, everyone should be able to make use of it on Christmas day, which is win.

Blargh, computer is whining that it needs to do updates, so might as well get that over with.


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