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I’ve already used this picture somewhere today, but sod it. It’s Sunday, and I don’t have to be as on the ball. *laughs* Plus, people here probably want to see the completed product, and voila — here they are, looking awesome. I am going to save them for the Christmas party at Thursday knitting to debut them, so they’re just gonna hang out on my desk until then being eye candy.

The only other thing I’ve been doing is overthinking what to buy to replace my netbook. I mean, I’m still pretty committed to getting the custom one from PC Specialist, but I keep looking at different options to see if there is something that is as good for cheaper (there isn’t), and do I really want that, or do I want something cheap and a new tablet. I do want a new tablet, but. *shrugs* I’m still not in any rush, but like Z said — walk away from it for a few days, try to not dwell overly. This isn’t a skill that I am particularly adept at, but. We’ll see how it goes.

For now, back to my quick knit. I’m doing a Santa and Mrs Claus kit that came in with my knitting magazine to sort of clear the palate while I look to find what sock pattern I want to knit next.


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