The Queen of the Spoonless

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Yes, of course, it’s a picture of me. It’s always a picture of me. *chuckles* But I think that it does a good job of catching my ‘mood’, better known as ‘completely exhausted and in pain’. I’ve been feeling it really badly all week, but today has been especially rough after it took literal hours for my brain and to decide it was going to shut down and go to sleep. I spent a lot of that time being as relaxed and evenly breathing and the like as I could, and kept thinking about how ‘they’ say that is almost as good as actual sleep if sleep won’t come. I guess I could feel worse today than I do, but still. Still. The knock-on effects aren’t appreciated, to say the least!

((Having said that, last night was a blast and I consider the knock-on mainly acceptable; I love my knitting people))

But heeeey, it’s the last day of work before the holiday, and the girls were pretty good about leaving me alone so I could *try* to get some bits done. I felt a bit bad that Smaller wanted me to help her art, but the constant little distractions of ‘staple this, tape that’ take a real toll on my focus. I’m all about trying to do more projects with them next week though. Maybe I’ll even get Smalls to try her hand at knitting again (probably not, but I still hope that someday it will be a thing I can share with her and her sister).

For now though, I’m doing this early and signing off in the hopes it’ll inspire me to get back to finishing my tiny Santa before Christmas, ha ha.


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