All Bright and Shiny

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Yes, that’s me, out of doors, in natural light… the horror, right? *giggles* I had two orders overnight/this morning, so after fussing after them for ages, I took them to the Post Office. I also needed to pick up a loaf of bread, so multi-tasking! We had a Tesco order in this evening, but Z was having lunch at home today, as we had Smalls’ nativity play to catch this afternoon. It was cute; I appreciate that the school tries to shake up the story to make it interesting and less repetitive.  Plus, there’s some quality of British schoolchildren singing that is especially adorable, so yanno, bonus I married a Brit and moved here.

The other thing today is, of course, the no confidence vote in Theresa May tonight. I don’t think that she’s going to make it, but that’s not going to fix the mess that is British politics. I don’t think it can make it any worse, because it’s pretty eff’d. But it would be eff’d in different and interesting ways? Sort of? I don’t even know, man. *laughs* My only real concern at this point is that the forming of a government take such a protracted time that Brexit happens without anyone saying, ‘Hey wait, we weren’t ready’. I guess my face here works for that as well, heh.

*wanders off*


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