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Yup, it’s mah face again. xD A pretty face for a blank mind, but I am never going to complain about my brain being quiet. A quiet brain is one that isn’t actively trying to kill me, and that’s a Good Thing™®.

It’s been surprisingly chilly all day. I mean, I know that it’s approximately winter, but it’s ‘supposed’ to be bumping along in the 40s instead of the 30s. It looks like the forecast has been revised slightly to colder, so who knows. I doubt we’ll see a White Christmas, but maybe we’ll get some snow eventually.

The main things I’ve been doing today are playing Blueprint Tycoon (totally worth my 79p!), and mulling over netbook replacement options. I remembered this morning that PC Specialist might have something akin to a Chromebook, but yanno, with Windows. I’m thinking that I will probably riff on this one; it’s not a touchscreen, but it’s pretty decent. The ‘problem’ is that it’s … too good? Like, this is totally me buying a toy to haul around, rather than getting a new laptop. I have a laptop. I have a desktop. They’re not top of the line, but they’re still pretty decent some years on. I have a broken tablet that was hand-me-down from Smalls which could also stand replacing, but. I guess I’m really charmed at the idea of having my smallest still have some oomph. There’s no rush to buy, so plenty of time to think and look and get antsy because I don’t want to do any of that because I want it now. *laughs*

*wanders off*


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