Double Ouch

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Smalls, on the subject of her sister‘She keeps falling over because she’s so happy.’

Which is to say, when Smalls knocked on the door upon getting back from school, she was followed by a bleeding sister being carried by Z. It turns out she’d taken out her knees on the way to school, and her lip on the way back. She tends to run ahead and dance and twirl, and well. It obviously doesn’t work out so well for her. She’s had the Calpol and gentle love, and she’s in good spirits and laughing with her sister now. But oh, my heart… I hope she takes it as a nudge to be a bit more careful with her precious self.

I am feeling the pressure a bit today to get my head around gift purchasing for not-Z. Between myself and himself, we’ve acquired his pressies, and he’s working through the ideas we’ve had for the girls (that mainly he had, because he’s awesome). We’ve even already got his parents sorted, but we still have to do the rest of the external friends and family. Hopefully writing it here will remind me to talk to Z tonight and see about that.

For now, dinner.


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