Thank Eff for That

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I finally got around to something I meant to do last weekend; I’ve got the stuff I made for the craft fair listed in my Etsy shop. So that’s good. It’s one thing off of my mind, and considering how foggy that’s been this past week, having things tangled up in it wasn’t exactly ideal. Now the one thing on my to do list is to respond to an email… we’ll see how that goes, ha ha. xD

I also shifted the craft around on my desk again, so it looks vaguely tidier. I figured that it would inspire me to get that aforementioned chore done, and I guess that it sort of did. It was mainly to make room to get my knitting out, which I did — and even did like, two stitches. I might do more in a tiny bit, as the footie just ended. We had Z’s father around to watch with us, which guaranteed the exact same result that always occurs when he comes around. At least we fed him this time?

*wanders off*


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