Cheerfully Dishevelled

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I am currently in that content state that comes from being in comfortable clothing and comfortable surroundings, built atop a nice full belly. While it was a bit warmer today, it’s cooling off nicely, and I’m in that state where I’m neither too warm, nor too cool. In short, is good, yes yes.

I had a wee moment earlier when I was working. Usually, I’m the one that does the year end files in our accounting program. My co-worker and nominal boss was blasting through them today, and well. It wasn’t that long ago that I would have been put off at being stepped over like that. I mean, he can do it faster and better than I can, so why not? Z also let me know that said co-worker is going to be out of office for the next couple of days, so it makes even more sense if he was trying to get certain process completed before then. I’m glad that problematic response isn’t my default any more. I’m pleased that my co-worker has never known that me, so wouldn’t know that it had even been a risk.

Past that, I’m trying to unfunk my laptop. It’s been running a bit slow lately and doing my head in. I hope it won’t come to doing a clean install of the OS. I mean, I know it’s a ‘good’ idea to do that every couple of years, but I hates it, I do.

Right, onward.


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