Waiting for Collection

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Our bin collection day was yesterday… it was not collected. It still hasn’t been collected, but at least it’s our street and not just us. Z and I suspect that a truck broke down yesterday and that they are making up the village as they can atop their normal routes, but we’ll see what happens. And Z might be able to find out more tonight, as he’s got a village planning meeting.

My plans for the evening will, hopefully, include knitting. My everything in my torso just started screaming in agony, so pain meds are reluctantly part of a balanced breakfast. Dinner. Something. *chuckles* But yeah, I’m torn between continuing on my sock, or detouring and doing one of the toy kits clogging up my drawers. The one on my desk, the newest one, is a Santa and Mrs Claus pair that I figure my mother-in-law might like for tree ornaments,  Or she might not, which is also fine. They’ll still be fun to make.

Right, off to try to let my torso not move much while the pain meds kick in. Dord!


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